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Zebra Broken Car Collection Company – As Seen On TV!

Discover why not all car disposal and car wrecker companies in New Zealand aren’t equal. These TV appearances will give you an idea why Zebra Car Collection Company is a bit different to some of the other car disposal companies out there!


Campbell Live’s report on our car disposal service

CEO of Zebra Broken Car Collection Company, Warren Strong, was interviewed by Campbell Live. See what happens at our car wrecker yard behind the scenes!



3 News’ investigation on unlawful car wreckers


This report identifies that a massive 80% of Auckland car wreckers don’t comply with environmental laws, and let toxic substances leach into the ground. These toxic liquids pollute neighbouring gardens killing plants, and then work their way into storm drains, thereby polluting streams and killing fish and eels.

Peter Gormly from Zebra Broken Car Collection Company is interviewed, as we’re one of the few car disposal and car wrecker yards who play by the rules. We truly care about our environment, and take all possible steps in our vehicle recycling to keep New Zealand clean and green for future generations.


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