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FAQs about Car Removal

Got any questions about car removal services and how we work with you?

Chances are you’ll find many of your car removal questions answered here… and if there’s anything that’s not covered, just contact our friendly team. They’ll be happy to help you with any queries.

Can I have my unwanted car removed even if I have unpaid parking tickets?
Yes. Your parking tickets will not prevent you from having your unwanted vehicle removed. Parking tickets are connected to your driver’s license, and are your responsibility to pay off.
Can you remove cars off the highway?
Yes In most cases, we can remove a vehicle off of highways.
Can you remove vehicles that are abandoned on my property?
Yes. We are able to remove abandoned vehicles.
Do I need ownership papers and plates for you to remove my unwanted vehicles?
No. We are able to remove vehicles without papers or plates, But we do need to know the plate number or vin number.
Do I need to be present when my unwanted car is removed?
In most cases, you will not need to be at your vehicle when it is removed. Generally, the only time you would need to be with the vehicle is if the vehicle is in a garage or in  a locked area on your property
How do I begin the unwanted car removal process?
Simple! Just call our friendly team on 0800 300 426. It’s a free call, and they’ll be happy to help you
How much do I pay to get my unwanted vehicle removed
We charge nothing! We pay YOU! To get a guaranteed price, call our friendly team on 0800 300 426, they’ll be happy to help you.
I have the title to the car, but the car is in a different location. Can you still remove it?
Yes. We are able to remove vehicles in all types of situations, including when a title is in a different location than the vehicle.
What happens to vehicles you remove?
We carefully drain all fluids; remove any reusable parts; and recycle the shell. Check out our vehicle recycling page for more information on what we do, and the steps we take to protect the environment.
Who handles my vehicles final paperwork?
All the paperwork will be done when our truck arrives at your property. If you’re on site, a valid photo ID (e.g. Driver’s Licence or Passport) is required to complete the paperwork.
Does my car need to be running?
No, your car doesn’t need to be running… it doesn’t even need to have wheels! You will be surprised how much we pay for end of life cars. To get a quote, call our friendly team on 0800 300 426, they’ll be happy to help you.
How do I start the Car Removal Process?
Simply give us a call on 0800 300 426 and we will arrange your car removal and answer any questions you may have.
What happened to the number plates?
We will leave these with you. Return them to an AA Centre or a VTNZ testing station. You may receive a registration refund.
What happens to the registration sticker?
You should leave the sticker in the front screen.
What is my vehicle worth?
Many things affect the price of a vehicle, such as:

  • Type of vehicle (i.e. make and model)
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Does it have any wheels
  • Where the vehicle is located
  • Whether the vehicle works or not
  • What’s broken.

To find out what your vehicle’s worth, contact us for a guaranteed quote. Just call our friendly team on 0800 300 426, they’ll be happy to help you.

What kind of vehicles do you remove?

We can remove just about any kind of vehicle, be it a car, ute, van, truck, tractor, motorbike or farm machinery.

What kind of vehicles do you remove?
Once we’ve collected your broken, unwanted car – and paid you for it – you’ll automatically be entered into the prize draw to win $1,000 in cash. That amount is up for grabs every week – and your entry is valid for a year! So you have 52 chances to win the $1,000 prize! This prize draw is in addition to the cash we’ll pay you for your cars. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for choosing Zebra Broken Car Collection Company for your car removals. Click here for full details of the prize draw and its terms and conditions.
Will I get what you quote?
If what you describe to us is what we see when we collect your vehicle, then we will absolutely guarantee our price. To get a quote, call our friendly team on 0800 300 426, they’ll be happy to help you.
Will you make a mess?
You can be assured that we’ll take maximum care when we collect your vehicle. Our trucks our purposely designed to keep things neat and tidy.
Can I have multiple cars removed?
Yes we are more than happy to remove as many cars as you like, we have a fleet of transporters, and many can tow two or more cars at a time.
Do I need to fill out change of ownership forms when my car is removed?
You car will never be used in New Zealand again.You can deregister your vehicle at any AA centre or VTNZ Testing Station or we can do this for you.
Does my car need to be running?
No, Your car does not even need to have wheels! You will be surprised how much we pay for END OF LIFE CARS.
How does Zebra Broken Car Collection Company pay for cars?
We pay at the time of pickup. If the vehicle is in your name and you have photo ID we will pay with a cash cheque, which is cashable at any national bank with presentation of a photo ID. If the vehicle is not in your name or you do not have photo ID then we will pay you with a cheque made out to your name that you should bank.
How long will it take to remove my car?
Our car removal service can usually be provided the same day that you call.
What areas does Zebra Broken Car Collection Company cover?

Zebra Broken Car Collection Company can help you with car removals in NZ. Car removals are available from Cape Reinga down to Turangi. The main branch of Zebra Broken Car Collection Company’s car removal service is in Onehunga, Auckland, but we also have branches in Northland (Whangarei), Waikato (Taupo) and cover the Bay Of Plenty too. Car removals are also available in the Gulf Islands: Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island and Rakino Island. For more details (and a map), see our web page on service areas.

What happens with my car once the deal is done?
In most cases the cars are broken down for parts and recycled. These parts are exported to developing countries to keep other cars running. You can read more about our vehicle recycling process here.
What if I am not home when the Car is removed?
We can organise to pick your car up at anytime that suits you. If you are not home at the time we can deposit money via bank deposit, or leave a cheque made payable to you in an envelope in you letterbox.
Will you buy a car that has been in an accident?
Yes. It really doesn’t matter what condition your car is in for us to remove it for you.