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Take Advantage of Free Car Body Removals in New Zealand

Is your garage or yard decorated with broken down cars that are a complete eye-sore? Do you want to beautify your home by getting rid of your rusted, unwanted car? The Zebra Broken Car Collection Company offer free car body removals in Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, and Waikato.

We Pay Cash

If you are running short on money to pay your bills, and want to clean up the yard, you need to contact us to request our free car body removal services. We’ll pay you top cash prices to get rid of your old, unwanted car. We always honor the prices we quote our clients, so the amount stays the same when we come to pick up your car.

It’s Free

There are companies that charge their customers a fee to get rid of their old, rusted cars, but we don’t! We offer free car body removals, and we pay you to come and pick it up from your residence.

We’ll Pick Up Cars in Any Condition

If you have a car, or what is left of a car, we still come to pick it up and you’ll get paid cash for it. You can have a car without wheels, a hood, or doors, and we’ll still come out and take it off your hands.

We Are a Kiwi Company

You can rest easy knowing we have been in business since 2001. Our team of drivers is professional, clean, and is trained in safe working practices to make sure the car body removal process runs smoothly.

We Recycle Your Old Car

We provide an environmentally friendly car body removal service by recycling all the parts and metals. We safely remove the car fluids, recycle any good condition car parts, and recycle the metal.

So if you’re looking out your window at your old, dilapidated car sitting in your driveway or yard, and need some quick cash, give us a call to request a quote from the best free car body removal company in New Zealand on Central North Island & Auckland 0800 005500 | Northland 0800 262263.