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Car Removals

Got an old scrap or broken down car you no longer want? Not sure what to do with the old, unwanted car?

Arranging car removals is easy when you choose Zebra Broken Car Collection Company! We’ll pick it up for free, and give you cash for cars!

1. Arrange a free quote: call us free on Central North Island & Auckland 0800 005500 | Northland 0800 262263 and our friendly team will give you a free quote for car removals. The price they give you for car removals is guaranteed.

2. Pick-ups are free! Other companies may charge this, but when we say that we offer free car  removals, we mean it.

3. All cars, any condition: It really doesn’t matter what condition your car is in when we arrange the free car removals. The car doesn’t have to work – or even have wheels!

4. Huge service area: free car removals aren’t just available in Auckland; we also cover Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, and Taupo. See the service areas map.

5. Smart and professional: Our drivers will arrive in clean, smart uniforms and in a truck that’s also clean, smart and sign-written. They’ll take your car, and give you the pre-agreed cash for cars.

6. Safety first: Not only are our drivers trained in safe working practices, but they’ll arrive in daylight hours to help keep you safe.

7. Convenient: You can even have your car removed on a Saturday if that helps your schedule.

8. Vehicles are recycled safely: fluids are removed safely; usable parts are recycled; and what’s left goes into the crusher before the metal is recycled. By using Zebra Broken Car Collection Company for your car removals, you’re helping to protect the NZ environment. Read more about vehicle recycling.


Why car removals are important

Old and abandoned, useless, broken or scrap cars are a huge problem in New Zealand. Here’s why they’re a problem:

Broken cars are ugly and take up space

Thousands of broken down scrap cars are lying around in people’s back yards, driveways and garages. Or worse still, they are left on the side of the road for someone else to sort out.

These abandoned or end of life vehicles not only take up space on your property they don’t look very nice either.

Broken cars are an environmental hazard

These old, broken-down cars usually still contain petrol, oil, battery acid, anti-freeze, air conditioning gas and other toxic chemicals that may leak into the ground or air around the vehicle.

Not only is this bad for the land, but it can also become a great nesting area for rats and other rodents in the area. These rodents are a health hazard to humans.

Broken cars are dangerous for humans

By far the biggest issue with these broken vehicles is that they are a health and environmental hazard to everyone, especially the family members that live on the property where the old car is located.

What’s more, these old vehicles slowly rust, and this rust can be dangerous. If a child were to scratch itself on a rust patch, he or she is at risk of developing tetanus.

For the sake of yourself, your children, and the environment, make sure you get your old, broken vehicles removed the safe way. Contact Zebra Broken Car Collection Company for your car removals.

Call today for a quote on your car removals: it’s free on Central North Island & Auckland 0800 005500 | Northland 0800 262263.