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Free Car Removal in Auckland and NZ’s North Island

Got an old, broken or unwanted car that needs removing? You’re in the right place! Zebra Broken Car Removal Company provides free car removal in Auckland, Northland, Waikato, and the Bay of Plenty. And not only are the car removals free – we’ll pay you a top cash price for your unwanted car.

Why choose Zebra Broken Car Collection Company for your free car removals?

  1. Your quote will be honoured: Whatever price we quote you is the amount you’ll receive when our team arrives. Get your quote today.
  2. Pick-ups are free! Other companies may charge this, but when we say that we offer free car removal, we mean it.
  3. All cars, any condition: It really doesn’t matter what condition your car is in when we arrange the free car removals. The car doesn’t have to work – or even have wheels!
  4. Huge service area: free car removals aren’t just available in Auckland; we also cover Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, and Taupo. See the service areas map.
  5. Smart and professional: Our drivers will arrive in clean, smart uniforms and in a truck that’s also clean, smart and sign-written.
  6. Safety first: Not only are our drivers trained in safe working practices, but they’ll arrive in daylight hours to help keep you safe.
  7. Convenient: You can even have your car removed on a Saturday if that helps your schedule.
  8. A trusted Kiwi business: We’ve been in the business of free car removals in Auckland since 2001 and are proudly Kiwi-owned and operated.
  9. Vehicles are recycled safely: fluids are removed safely; usable parts are recycled; and what’s left goes into the crusher before the metal is recycled. By using Zebra Broken Car Collection Company for your free car removal in Auckland, you’re helping to protect the NZ environment. Read more about vehicle recycling.

Beware – not all companies offering free car removals are quite what they seem. Many free car removal companies will turn up late and then try to beat you down on price, or charge a towage fee.

Phone 0800 300 426 for the best free car removal in Auckland and beyond

Save yourself the hassle and choose the reputable choice, Zebra Broken Car Removal Company... And remember, you’ll receive the top cash price from us. It’s a no brainer!

$1000 Car Removal Competition Winners!

Easy to enter - 52 Chances to win $1000 cash. Click here for competition details

prize-winner-noahNorthland wins again. Out of the North came a man called Noah holding his winning ticket in his hand. Noah was down in Auckland for the morning visiting family when he checked his prize tickets. He found he had a winner so he drove straight to Onehunga to Zebra and very calmly announced “I think this is the winning ticket”.Read More
prize-winner-causeway-motorsThe Last Trip Is A Winner! Earlier this year Causeway Motors in Takapuna decided to retire their old Mitsubishi Mirage from the customer loan fleet. The vehicle had been a reliable loan car for several years and hundreds of Causeway Motors clients had relied on the Mirage to transport them to and from work while their own car was being serviced. Read More
prize-winner-peterWith Redundancy looming its Zebra to the rescue. Peter Wakefield from Papakura has over the years sold a few end of life vehicle to Zebra Broken Car Collection Co and every time he has collected an entry into the prize draw. The tickets sit beside the family computer and it’s his daughter’s job to check the winning number each week. Read More
prize-winner-kimThe Biggest Smile in the Bay. One week after her fourth son Hunter was born Kim Pearson from Papamoa Beach decided that the time had come for the families old Toyota Corona to leave home. It had been in the family for 10 years and had been Mums taxi for three growing and active son’s.Read More
prize-winner-1 The Old Family Car Just Keeps On Giving In 1996 Garry Campbell from Henderson bought himself a Toyota Vista as his go to work and family vehicle. For 14 years and over 200,000km the Toyota was a reliable driver for Garry. It got him to and from work, family trips and shopping trips. In March 2012 it finally expired, the engine broke a cam belt. Read More