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The Old Family Car Just Keeps On Giving

In 1996 Garry Campbell from Henderson bought himself a Toyota Vista as his go to work and family vehicle. For 14 years and over 200,000km the Toyota was a reliable driver for Garry. It got him to and from work, family trips and shopping trips. In March 2012 it finally expired, the engine broke a cam belt.

Garry called Zebra The Broken Car Collection Company and was surprised how much they offered to pay, he accepted the offer and a collection time was established.

Zebra turned up on time, paid him the agreed amount and gave Garry an entry ticket into the lucky number weekly $1,000 prize draw.

During his lunch break 1 May Garry  texted Zebra to 244 and learnt he held the winning ticket.   On 2 May 2012 after he finished work for the day Garry dropped into Zebra The Broken Car Collection office in Penrose and collected his $1,000 cash prize, he was a very happy man because…

  1. Zebra Broken Car Collection had offered him a fair price for his vehicle.
  2. Zebra Broken Car Collection turned up on time
  3. Zebra Broken Car Collection paid him that agreed price, they didn’t try to pay less

Two months after selling his car he collected another $1,000 cash from his old car, it just kept on giving.

Zebra Broken Car Collection Company pay more, turn up on time and don’t try to crunch you down on the price, a simple recipe for selling an end of life vehicle, contact Zebra The Broken Car Collection Company by entering your details using “contact us” above or call Central North Island & Auckland 0800 005500 | Northland 0800 262263.

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