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A Life Changing Win

Earlier this year Debbie Smith was having what she describes as a bad year. Debbie is a design student at Whangarei Tech who supports herself by designing, making and selling childrensware. Debbie had family members in both Whangarei and Auckland hospitals…

The loss of valuable working hours and the cost of visiting meant she had to move to a cheaper rental house.

She sold the old car she had on the front lawn to Zebra Broken Car Collection Company to get the bond required to make the move. When the car was collected Debbie was given an entry into the weekly $1,000 prize draw.

Debbie found as the year progressed her travel costs to hospital ate all the profit from her enterprise and it was becoming impossible to buy the materials she needed to keep going. It became the harder she worked the more she fell behind.

Most weeks she called the Zebra prize line and hoped to hear her lucky number. One morning she heard her number and immediately called The Broken Car Collection. As she says it’s the first time in her life she has ever won anything and hearing her number on the prize line made her cry.

The following day she met with Scott Browne the Northland manager for Zebra Broken Car Collection Co at the Totara North yard and was given her $1,000 cash prize. She already has plans for every cent and that includes buying more materials and equipment for her small business.

Next time you visit a local market look out for Debbie, she will be easy to recognise, she is the lady with a huge smile selling baby and small childrens clothing made to her own unique patterns and a very happy Zebra Broken Car Collection winner

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